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About Us

Presentation National high school is an all girls’ all boarders’ post’ primary institution, owned by t he Romans Catholic Mission. It is located in Benin City, the capital of Edo State.

The reason for presentation national high school’s coming into existence is to respond to the expressed need of the people for a post-primary institution, with emphasis on value education. In responding to such a need, the church fulfils her mission as a teacher. At presentation, we work towards creating an environment of learning, which captures the creative potentials of the participants in an open, liberating and non-competitive manner.

We at presentation national high school, are all learners youths, adults, parents and teachers, brought together by a common desire for a communal goal that of learning and working to exchange ideas, experiences, knowledge and skills that is learning to work with one another. In a communal Endeavour, people learn to share responsibilities. We believe that knowledge empowers people.

In all these, we affirm our belief in the model of Jesus Christ as teacher and “Giver of all good gifts and the light of the World”. With this inspiration and faith, we believe in the possibility of growth for every individual participant involved in the school.


Presentation national high school is an institution which is under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Benin City. It was founded by Most Reverend (Dr) Patrick E. Ekpu, the Archbishop of Benin City, on November 21, 1989. Our goal is to create an atmosphere for learning and sharing, where unconditional love can be expressed, irrespective of all diversity.

The motto of the school is Postistas Ex Scientia (Knowledge is power)

1 Because we believe feelings are important, we encourage students, parents and teachers  to express and understand their own feelings and listen to and respect those of others, so as to promote a sense of self-worth in students and adults.
2 Through various teaching methods and evaluative procedures, we aim to provide for the highest possible academic growth of each learner
3 We discourage all unhealthy competitions, especially that which puts people down.
4 We strive towards a programme and school environment, which facilitate the development of  autonomous, open, self-criteria, competent, and feeling educators. To this end, we aim to develop in our teachers, the ability and perceptions to objectively analyze and discuss not only their own behaviour, teaching methods and assumptions but also those of co-workers.
5 We strive to increase the ability of the staff to work cooperatively and creatively in teams, in planning, implementing and evaluating educational activities at presentation national high school.
6 We aim to eliminate the divisions and traditional barriers that have existed between parents and teachers and work towards a community of learners. Just as we want to raise the aspirational level of our students, we also want all adults working with our students to have high aspirations for themselves. In addition to the above, for our students to attain aspirational level, they must engage in extended learning activities.