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   Admission is granted to candidates:
1 Who have successfully completed primary school and have proof (records)
2 Who where successful in the entrance examination and interview conducted by the school.
3 Who agree to live in the Boarding house and pay all the required fees.
4 Who are free from chronic medical conditions that are unstable.
5 Who agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the school.
6 Who agree to stay off Extra provisions from home.


1. Download and print out the form
2. Fill the form
3. Take completed forms to Zenith Bank
4. Pay and submit the form to the Bank

Note: Parents are however advised to submit complete application forms early enough to enable them obtain past questions for revision before the examination of their children.

                    Click here to download the Application Form (PDF 39KB)

                    Click here to download Past Question for Entrance Examinations 

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