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Presco Alumni

As reflected in our decisions to become part of this community, I think we all share the belief that the Presentation National High School is a great school and, we want it to continue to be that way. Essential pillars of that greatness are our alumni. Alumni play many critical roles for the School – returning to teach, counseling graduating students, serving on advisory boards to the School, and providing financial resources for the programs we need to execute our mission. This tradition of giving has been in place in schools for a long time.
In the weeks ahead you will be asked to join this group by pledging your support. Gifts and encouragement will give us the capability to support key student initiatives.

As we look to the future with a goal of attracting the best department and students and continuing to provide world-class education, it is clear that financial resources will play a significant part in our success. As young alumni you represent the future for the School. Students asking for career counseling will now be contacting you. You will help establish the future strength of our alumni network. And you will help shape the future of the School by the gifts you provide each year. Thanks very much for taking the opportunity to learn about Presentation National High School Alumni and considering helping us establish this as an important tradition of the School.

The Management of Presentation National High School hereby requests all her Alumni, home and abroad to send in their current contact information such as contact addresses, e-mail addresses and phone number(s) via the school email: info@prescoschool.com or gspnh@yahoo.com

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Presentation National High School ….A school of substance. It taught me how to be very independent and outspoken. It was the foundation of my life and forever I would never regret attending this school. I am very grateful to everyone who was a part of my life in PRESCO  Elebe Eloho (class of 2010)






Presentation National High School ….Hmm….. A great school. Right from the start it sounded ridiculous but, thank God today its helping me a whole lot. it taught me how to become independent. Above all, I can survive anywhere in the world without stress. I am very happy and have no regrets at all.
Shirley Olikiabo (Class of 2005)