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Letter to Parents

We expect parents to serve the institution best, by encouraging, supporting and giving good examples to their children.

From time to time, the school calls upon parents to participate in school activities. Since the development and growth of the school should be (and is) a concern of each parent, a Parent/Teachers/Student/Association functions in the school.

It serves as a forum for the interaction of the school Authority, Parents, Staff and Students, for the improvement of the school and the proper education and upbringing of the students.

P.T.S.A meetings are held on the last visiting Sunday of every term or whenever deemed necessary.


Parents/Guardians of students who fail to return to school on the designated date of resumption are to inform the school authority in advance. Failure to follow this procedure will result in being asked to resume later. The school welcomes visits from all friends and well-wishers of the institution. It is our hope that visitors will be considerate of the need to maintain an environment, conducive to learning and growing for all students. With this in mind, the following policy is effective.

1. Except when visiting Sunday is within mid-term break or shortly after or before it.
2. Visiting Day is the third Sunday of every month between 10:00am and 5:00pm.
3. Parents who must collect students Monday – Friday, must do so before 2:00pm.
4. No. movement Saturdays and Sundays students who leave the compound for any reason must do so Monday – Friday before 2:00pm.
5. Students who return after a leisure must do so on Monday – Friday before 2:00pm.

Prior to the beginning of a school year, the school will furnish every student with a list of required textbooks SS 2 & SS3 student may purchase books at the location of their choice. Book complied by teachers for exam classes may be made available at the school. In such instance, the books will be listed on the booklists.