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Proprietor Designate

Presentation national high school is a value-oriented institution. Our philosophy is based on what is good, true and beautiful in our world. We emphasize, especially those spiritual values which will bring about greater unity and love society. We like the value we believe by being consistent, supportive and accountable to one another. Our belief is based on our catholic tradition, which forms the principle for our actions.

The following are both expressions and means of developing our values and the clarifications of our values
1. Spiritual develop9ment
-prayer -appreciation of nature
-sacrifice -self-discipline
-hard work -creative ritual
2. Demonstrating positive model (especially adults)
3. Mutual respect (adults and students like)
4. Communalism (working and building together)
5. Developing positive leadership
6. Acknowledging days that are meaningful, both in our faith and from tradition.
7. Educating the broader community to have all awareness of our values so that they can b e of greater services
8. Loyalty and devotion to our faith.
9. Striving for unconditional love that transcends all diversity