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Rules & Regulation


Presentation strives to be a student-centered school. It provides an environment that will enhance an all-round, individual students’ Christian development in an atmosphere conducive to developing a positive attitude concerning discipline, respect for self/others and keeping the environment clean.
It is our hope and trust that parents/guardians and staff will work together to instill in each student the essential element of self-discipline according to Christian values and morality. The issue of discipline will be handled through open communication with students and parents/guardians, by the guidance councilor and disciplinary committee. For unacceptable behavior/indiscipline, remedial measures will be will be employed to bring out the best possible results for each students concerned. Parents/students are kept aware of this.
Fees are charged for certain infractions. For instance: destruction of classroom chairs/nets, failure to return library books, destroying of science laboratory apparatus, deliberate destruction of school property or other students’ property. The examples given above are by no means exhaustive.


The following constitute the rules and regulations which every student is expected to obey.

(a) Category 1
These are the offences that will automatically attract expulsion:
i. Bringing materials into the exam hall.
ii. Being caught with any written materials in the exam hall, be it on paper, body in mathematical sets, on tables, desks question papers and so on.
iii. Dictating answers to students, both within and outside the hall
iv. Exchange of answer sheets
v. Deliberate refusal to submit answer sheets
vi. Impersonation of any kind
vii. A continued or repeated violation of the school rules and regulations or repetition of minor offences can lead to expulsion

(b) Category 11
Under this category, are the offences that will earn the defaulters suspension:

i. Spying in the exam hall
ii. Communicating in the exam hall
iii. Aiding and abetting in the exam hall
iv. Bringing in provisions
v. Fighting
vi. Stealing
vii. Bullying/fagging /extortion
viii. Unauthorized meetings/assemblies
ix. False accusation/lying
x. Rudeness to teachers/school authorities
xi. Bringing in/eating of cooked food on visiting days
xii. Selling of items by students


1. PHNS girls must obey all routine bells promptly.
2. Appropriate uniforms must be worn on all occasions.
3. PNHS girls must be at their best bahaviour at all times.
4. Communication must be in English language at all times except when vernacular is being taught in the classroom.
5. No receiving of visitor’s at odds times.
6. PHNS girls must not cross lawns but always use the walk way.
7. PHNS girls must go home and return to school in appropriate uniform.
8. No wearing of mufti at anytime in the school premises.
9. Lying, stealing, fighting, fagging and bullying are highly prohibited.
10. There must be no borrowing or lending of any sort between PNHS girls.
11. No PHNS girls is to miss any lesson unless on account of ascertained ill-health or any other good reason which may have taken her away from the school/
12. There must be no vandalizing of school property.’
13. Cleanliness must be a priority at all times.
14. All shoes must be flat outside school hours.
15. No perming of hair, wearing of perfume or make-up.
16. PNHS girls must be at the right place at the right time and for the tight purpose.
17. PNHS girls are not to write on the walls or doors.
18. No littering of the school premises.
19. All wastes/biscuit wrappers must be placed in the designated waste baskets.


1. Students who have not met the required class attendance will not be allowed to sit for the school examination or external examination (WAEC/NECO).
2. All students must write all subjects enrolled for in external examination conducted by the school management and supervision.
3. All students must attend all pre-examination revision classes before any examination.
4. The school has the right not to present a student for any examination if the student has not met the mandatory class attendance.
5. The school will not permit a student to abandon the school examination for any other examination or for any journey outside the country.
6. The school examination comes first before any other examination for the students.
7. The students are expected to obey all rules and regulations of the school.


1. Failure to observe silence in an examination hall.
2. Act(s) of insubordination to the invigilator(s).
3. Fighting in the examination hall.
4. Introduction of relevant foreign materials and cheating notes into the examination hall.
5. Exchange of relevant materials in the examination hall.
6. Assisting, facilitating, aiding or abetting cheating.
7. Leaving the examination hall without permission.
9. Un-collaborated copying (giraffing).
10. Any unlawful attempts at obtaining pre-knowledge of examination questions.


1. No students should be found outside after 9:30pm.
2. All beds should be properly laid with the school bed-sheets from Monday to Friday.
3. No wearing of bathroom slippers outside the hostel.
4. No sending of students on errands during siesta and after lights out.
5. On no account must a senior student use a junior student to do her charge.
6. No gusting after lights out.
7. No punishment of any kind after lights out.
8. No two students should sleep on the same bed.
9. Reading with rechargeable lamps should be done on the corridors or place on the floor by your Connors all students must come out for prayers whether inside or outside the hostels.

Under this categories, are offensive that will earn defaulters suspension.
i. Spying in the exam hall.
ii. Communicating in the exam hall.
iii. Aiding and abetting cheating in the examination hall.
iv. Bringing in provisions.
v. Fighting.
vi. Stealing. Bullying/fagging/extortion.
vii. Unauthorized meetings/assemblies.
viii. False accusation/lying.
ix. Rudeness to teachers/school authority.
x. Reading/eating of cooked food on visiting days.
xi. Stealing of items by students.

Only well-trimmed, short and natural hair is acceptable. The school frowns on permed hair or hair treated with hot comb, no matter how small the effect may be.

Our uniform is a unique one, produced by the Sisters Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus. It has a green background with white patches, reflecting the national colours. Brown sandals and white stockings go with the uniform.
This is to be worn only during school hours and on special outings. School uniform is not to be worn after school hours. For the day ware, we have the green tiny check materials. The day ware is to be worn after school hours, on week ends and on vacations/resumptions days. while for the outing ware, we have a green jacket on top of a white gown with a hat. Ceremonial ware is to be worn on Sundays feast days of the school and on outing days if the school uniform is not worn

Ladies mini-skirts and tights are not permissible. Ladies dresses with low cuts and coiling hair are also prohibited. The recommended mode of dressing of the school is compulsory. Students are expected to behave and conduct themselves with decorum and decency during extra curriculum activities bearing in mind that they are aspiring to be trained by the school which has a settled culture and tradition of moral issues at all times.

Presentation national high school allows her students full use of all its facilities. However, school properties must be handled by everyone with care. Damage or loss due to carelessness will be charged to the account of the student concerned.